Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement is the Perfect Solar Financing Option for You

Ready to take the solar plunge? At this stage in the game you’ve probably done enough research to know that solar panels can save you money on your electric bill every month and protect you from frequent utility rate hikes. Now you just need to decide which solar financing option is best for you. Luckily for you, Eco Construction & Energy has developed an entire suite of financing solutions through our SolarSelect® financing program*. The program contains a variety of options so you can choose the solar financing solution that fits your budget and your personal preference.

Eco Construction & Energy’s Power Purchase Agreement

One of our most popular solutions is our power purchase agreement, also known as a solar PPA. A power purchase agreement or solar PPA is a great solar financing option for people who want to switch to solar energy without a huge upfront cost, and who don’t want to worry about maintaining their solar energy system after they make the transition. Through our solar PPA program you get all the benefits of solar panel power with none of the headaches.

  • Your Solar PPA Perfect Partner

    Choosing to take control of your energy bills is an important and empowering decision. We understand and want to be your perfect partner. We’ve invested time and energy into developing a process that allows you to switch to clean renewable energy as seamlessly as possible. Basically, we handle the entire process for you. We’ll help you find the best solar financing option for your budget and needs. Then we’ll work with you to find the best solar energy system for your home and your family’s energy usage. Finally we’ll design the system and install, monitor and maintain the equipment for the length of the agreement. All you have to do is watch your energy meter tick backwards and enjoy the savings.

    We aren’t kidding when we say we’re a one-stop shop. Give us a call to learn more about how our solar financing programs, including our power purchase agreement, can help you get solar for your home.

  • Power Purchase Agreement Benefits

    • Only pay for the power that your panels produce
    • Free monitoring and maintenance for twenty years
    • Written performance guarantee
    • You even have the option to buy the solar energy system
    • No surprise rate increases

How a Power Purchase Agreement Works

Similar to a solar lease, a solar PPA allows you to get a solar energy system with as little as zero money down. We’ll design, install, monitor and maintain the system for the life of the agreement. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy a lower electric bill each month.

The biggest difference between a solar lease and a power purchase agreement is that with a PPA you only pay for the energy your solar panels produce each month. Let’s say that your solar panels produce 70% of the energy you use in a given month. You only have to pay a small amount to the utility company for the 30% of power you used from the grid. You will then pay for the energy your solar panels produced (the 70%) at a set rate that in many cases is lower than what the utility company would charge. This can lead to real cost savings, especially for homeowners who prefer not to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to purchase solar panels outright or who would rather not pay monthly fees to lease solar panels. A solar PPA is also a great option for people who live in areas where the weather may fluctuate, often preventing optimum solar power production.

Not only does the power purchase agreement allow you to pay less for the energy the panels produce during the day, but you’ll be paying less to your utility company as well. During the day when your solar panels produce energy that you’re not using, your meter will spin backwards, in effect giving you a credit on your electric bill. The savings will result in big smiles at the end of the month.

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