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Residential Solar Installer San Diego, CA

Residential Solar Energy Company San Diego

Do you need solar panels for your home? We are a full service residential solar panel installer in San Diego with a single mission; to ensure that clients are offered the best value for their solar investments. Clients who need energy efficient solar solutions for their residential properties in San Diego are no different. We have successfully completed hundreds of residential solar installations across sunny San Diego.

Empowering Homeowners in San Diego with Solar Energy

Why should you consume energy when Mother Nature provides it for free? We can help you harness solar energy. With our residential solar panel installation Eco Construction & Energy, you can –

    • Save money on your electricity bill with solar energy
    • Take advantages of solar energy costs in the future
    • Reduce your carbon footprint with solar energy
    • Take advantage of solar energy federal tax credits

By hiring our solar panel installation services, you can save over 50% of your energy bill depending on the type of solar solution that you choose.
Here is how we work –

Solar Installation Optimization

Not every home is alike. Solar panels for your home will be different as compared to other customers. We will empower your home with solar power.

During the initial stages, our professional technicians will analyze your roof and optimize a solar energy solution that fits your requirement the best. Whether you need a system that powers your entire home or just need one that heats your water, we have the expertise, certifications, permits and the experience you need.

San Diego Home Solar Energy Solutions that Matter

With extensive experience under our belt, we can handle all kinds of whole house fan installation. In fact, installation only takes two or three hours when you work with us, depending on your cooling needs. Our team will arrive at your home and check the existing attic vents. After pinpointing the exact location where the whole house fan will be installed, we will discuss our plans with you and give you an estimated time for completion of the job. Upon your approval, our experts get to work on your whole house fan project with the latest equipment and tools to ensure installation of the highest quality.

Increase the Value of your Property with Solar in San Diego

It doesn’t matter if you live in Del Mar, El Cajon San Marcos or other areas in San Diego. Your home will increase in value significantly after it is fitted with state of the art solar energy solutions from Eco Construction & Energy. Spare your budget from unreliable and fluctuating utility prices with solar energy.

As a solar panel installer our solutions require low maintenance and can make you capable of harnessing free energy for the long term. In this way, solar power becomes a wise investment that delivers returns for your home for years to come. We also offer financing options for families or homeowners on a budget. Whether you choose one of our financing options or purchase directly, you are guaranteed superior and affordable energy output if you rely on us; one of the best solar companies in San Diego.

Everyone Can Afford Home Solar Power

Think of buying home solar like buying a car. You can buy and own the panels or simply pay for the power the home solar power system produces.

  • Buy The Panels

    When you buy the panels outright you get all the benefits of ownership. It’s easy to transfer the panels to a new home owner if you sell the home. If you financed the purchase, the electricity is essentially free after the loan is paid off.

  • Buy The Electricity

    When leasing the panels you don’t own them, you just buy the electricity they produce at locked in rate for 20 years.
    The leasing company will take care of any maintenance and support issues the life of the system.

Environmental Impact of Your Home Solar System

Over its lifetime, your home solar power system will avoid 162 tons of air pollution. That’s equivalent of:

  • 30

    Cars Taken Off The Road

  • 8693

    Trees Planted

  • 16476

    Gallon of Gas Saved

Your Utility emit 1.5 lbs of air pollution for each 1 kWh of electricity it makes.

Take Real Action. Fight Climate Change. Save Money.

Solar Is Simple With Eco Construction & Energy

  • First

    We custom design a system that optimizes performance for your roof.

  • Second

    We connect you to the utility grid, turn on the system, and you start generating your own clean energy!

  • Finally

    Any excess electricity your system makes is sold back to the utility, and you get the credit on your bill.

Solar Tax Information

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Download your IRS Form 5695 below so you can file it with your taxes.

Please contact your accountant if you have any specific questions regarding claiming your Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Residential Investment Credit – IRS Form 5695


Why Eco Construction & Energy

We run a courteous and professional service. Our experts take the requirements of our customers seriously.

At Solar Energy Solutions, our aim is to provide residents in San Diego with the best value by providing them with photovoltaic systems that suit their requirements. All of our solar energy products come with extended warranties to ensure that they last each client a lifetime. Contact us for a free consultation.