Builder Solutions

It’s not about panels on the roof,
it’s about selling homes

There are lots of people who can screw panels on a roof, but nobody can help you sell homes like Eco Construction & Energy can. From showroom sales kiosks, to training your sales team, to customer walk-throughs, Eco Construction & Energy doesn’t just sell solar — we sell homes.

Competitors are stealing your customers

It’s a jungle out there these days, and across the country builders of energy efficient homes are taking market share. What better way to advertise your commitment to progressive, forward thinking homes than a shiny solar system on the roof? Your customers care.

  • You need an experienced partner, not just a sub-contractor

    Supporting new construction is different. You need a partner who knows how to integrate into your design process, your construction schedule, and have the logistics moxie to keep pace. We stand above the rest when it comes to new construction in San Diego.

  • To date we installed solar on:

    • 340+ new construction single family homes
    • 225+ new construction multi family units
    • 100+ retro fit single family homes
    • 240+ Solar Thermal (culinary water) systems

Why Eco Construction & Energy

We run a courteous and professional service. Our experts take the requirements of our customers seriously.

At Eco Construction & Energy, we aim to provide our customers San Diego service that suits their requirements the best. All our products come with extended warranties to ensure they last a lifetime. Contact us for a free consultation.