MyPower: The Solar loan of the future.

  • For the trailblazer, who cares where their cash is going.

    The money you pay your utility every month gets you one thing: electricity. But what if that money also went toward owning the power plant?

    With MyPower, your dollars work harder, providing you more than just power for your home. With every payment, you’ll be building equity in an asset that can add value to your home1, reduce your overall energy costs by up to 40% and offset tens of thousands of pounds of CO22.

  • Details

    • 4.50% - 4.99% APR3
    • 30-year term (includes warranty and monitoring)
    • 30% federal tax credit
    • Simple transfer process if you sell your home

How MyPower works:

  • MyPower is the easiest and most flexible way to own your solar system from day one with $0 down payment.
  • It’s a low-interest loan that allows you to finance the cost of your solar power system over 30 years with payments based on the system’s production.
  • Your monthly electricity bills could be lower, and over time, you’ll be building equity in your system.
  • Make extra payments to pay off your loan faster or reduce your monthly bill with no penalties.
  • When your loan is paid off, you own your solar system and all of the free, clean energy it produces.

  • Ernesto Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, December 2013, "Exploring California PV Home Premiums"
  • Environmental benefits based on data collected from: Go Solar California, “Clean Power Estimator,” based on data for Los Angeles, CA (90011); Berkeley, CA (94704) and Point Reyes, CA (94956). Environmental Protection Agency, February 2005, "Emission Facts: Average Carbon Dioxide Emissions Resulting from Gasoline and Diesel Fuel."
  • Includes .5% discount for auto pay.

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