Connected to the Community

Eco Construction & Energy is a proud part of the communities that we serve.

Our employees live, work, and play in neighborhoods across San Diego and south Orange Counties. We are vested in the quality-of-life of our region, and we give back and volunteer to improve our communities, everyday.

Eco Construction & Energy supports approximately 600 community-based non-profit organization partners in San Diego and south Orange Counties whose programs serve underserved communities to:

  • Inspire future leaders
  • Develop youth stewards of our environment
  • Improve emergency preparedness and safety
  • Support economic development
  • Help active duty military families and veterans, and
  • Provide shelter, food, and other forms of social assistance to those most in need.

Eco Construction & Energy assists these non-profit partners through its charitable giving, through our employees’ own giving and volunteerism, and through energy efficiency, customer assistance, and other customer programs. These are all parts of Eco Construction & Energy’s commitment to the communities that we serve.

Why Eco Construction & Energy

We run a courteous and professional service. Our experts take the requirements of our customers seriously.

At Eco Construction & Energy, we aim to provide our customers San Diego service that suits their requirements the best. All our products come with extended warranties to ensure they last a lifetime. Contact us for a free consultation.