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For generations we as humans have explored.

We’ve expanded. We’ve conquered.

We’ve used inventions and technologies, from the simple to the complicated, and sheer hard work to insulate us from the elements that would threaten our way of life, our safety, our survival.

We’ve pioneered a world that’s allowed us to thrive.

To create more of what we love and care about.

To provide for those who mean the most to us.

And we continue to reach for greater and greater heights.

But the world is changing.

We’re beginning to reach our limits to growth.

And more and more people are beginning to realize the depth of the fact that we’re living on a finite planet with finite resources.

For all the beauty and magic the systems we’ve created thus far have created, they are not without their consequences.

Cities and Countries are collapsing.

Fossil fuels are finite, and depleting.

And we resort to more destructive modes to get the energy we need such as fracking, causing earthquakes and water table pollution.

Global warming is already affecting ecosystems, causing drought rooted conflicts, destroying lives, and irreversibly causing extinction of the beautiful, unique life on our planet.

Mother earth is being stripped of her savings account of energy in the form of fossil fuels.

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