Solar Lease

A Solar Lease, Your Way to Affordable Clean Energy

Whether you are adding solar panels to an existing roof, replacing your roof, or planning new home construction, solar power is a winning proposition. Our solar lease, part of our SolarSelect® Financing program, saves you money from the start, and requires little or no money down. Here’s how you can lease solar panels for your home.

How a solar lease saves money

Making the switch to solar power just makes sense. The electricity generated by solar panels replaces the energy you’ve been buying from your utility company — electricity that’s increasing in cost at an average of 5% per year according to data available through the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Solar lease programs are similar to leasing a car.

Instead of paying for the solar system outright, you simply make affordable monthly payments that are less than what you are currently paying for electricity.

The Benefits of Leasing Solar Panels

  • Affordable.
    Solar lease programs allows homeowners to enjoy clean, renewable energy without the high upfront costs of purchasing solar panels.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
    Whether your home has shingle, tile, asphalt, flat, or pitched rooftops, we can design an attractive, affordable solar panel solution, which complements any home style, age, or location.

  • Experienced Installation.
    We team only with the most reputable, licensed solar installers in the market, taking the guesswork out of finding a qualified contractor and managing the entire process from permit to install and beyond.

  • Guaranteed Performance.
    If your solar power system doesn’t meet the performance level we put in the agreement, we refund the difference. It’s that simple.

  • Anxiety-Free Warranties.
    Our comprehensive 25-year warranty covers every part of the system that could fail –– no matter how big or small –at no cost to you.

Rethink the way you use power.

Eco Construction & Energy’ solar lease is a cost-saving alternative to traditional electricity payments, but that’s only part of the savings picture. The roof itself works to save you money too. A solar roof harnesses the power of the sun during the daylight hours and then stores the energy as credits in your electric meter. Kind of like rollover minutes on your cell phone bill. Additionally, solar panels extend the life of the roof by covering and protecting it from the elements. Together, this significantly reduces your home’s demand for traditional energy sources, like fossil fuels.

Brief overview of how leasing solar panels saves you money.

Your solar panels generate clean, renewable power by converting sunlight into DC electricity, which is directed to an inverter located next to your utility meter. That inverter converts the DC current into the AC electricity you use every day. Utility companies have tiered rates, and employing solar means you won’t be paying the top-dollar, premium tier rates for the traditional electric you do use. You can learn more about the science behind solar and how solar power systems work in our Explore Solar center.

Solar lease programs make sense.

While at first it may seem like a big shift in thinking, it’s not. It is a lot like refinancing your electric bill with no fees or points. Think about it this way, if you had the chance to “lock-in” how much you would pay for gasoline twenty years ago, you probably would have chosen to pay that rate now, right. This is your opportunity to do that with your power bill. Find out how our innovative financing options give you the flexibility, predictability and the assurance that traditional utilities cannot. Call us today or fill out our quick quote form to learn more about our solar lease and other SolarSelect financing programs.

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