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Save Big with Whole House Fans by Eco Construction & Energy

Cool Your Home Affordably, Instantly and Quietly

Are you having trouble cooling your home efficiently? Then it’s time you considered installing whole house fans in your home. This is among the best ways to create a comfortable, fresh and cool environment in your home, while conserving energy and money. In fact, in the best environments we can help lower the temperature in your home to 20 degrees in less than 20 minutes!

With our highly efficient fans, you can create a fresh and wonderfully cool environment in your home for a fraction of the energy costs of an air conditioning system. While most traditional fans you find on the market are noisy, big brutes, the fans we offer are whisper-quiet and energy efficient, perfect for handling the sunny weather of San Diego.

  • Why Whole House Fans From Eco Construction & Energy?

    If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to cool your home, we can provide you whole house fans made using the latest technology. Eco Construction & Energy takes great pride in presenting the most efficient and quietest whole house system fan available. By investing in our cutting edge technology, you will be able to:

    • Enjoy whisper quite operation.
    • Cool your home for much less, and in less time.
    • Take advantage of extended warranties.
    • Take advantage of three variable speeds to suit your cooling needs.

The Quietest Whole House Fans You Will Find in San Diego

When running, our whole house fans create an extremely peaceful hum that is quieter than a whisper. You can now watch TV, talk or sleep without having to bear the harsh noise coming from your traditional house fans. So, why settle for less when you can have the absolute best? With a wide range of whole house fan models available to choose from, rest assured we can fit your needs.

Whole House Fan Concept

Whole house fans are fitted in your attic with a small intake in the ceiling. They work by pulling in cool air from the outside through open windows and creating pressure in the attic, causing hot air to be exhausted. Our whole house fans will ventilate and cool your home within a matter of minutes.

Quality Whole House Installation in San Diego

With extensive experience under our belt, we can handle all kinds of whole house fan installation. In fact, installation only takes two or three hours when you work with us, depending on your cooling needs. Our team will arrive at your home and check the existing attic vents. After pinpointing the exact location where the whole house fan will be installed, we will discuss our plans with you and give you an estimated time for completion of the job. Upon your approval, our experts get to work on your whole house fan project with the latest equipment and tools to ensure installation of the highest quality.

Why Eco Construction & Energy

We run a courteous and professional service. Our experts take the requirements of our customers seriously.

At Eco Construction & Energy, we aim to provide homeowners in San Diego whole house fan systems that suit their requirements the best. All our products come with extended warranties to ensure they last a lifetime. Contact us for a free consultation.